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Data acquisition


The MX Gateway automatically transmits HOBO MX Bluetooth logger data to Onset’s cloud-based HOBOlink software.…
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Data acquisition

MultiCon CMC-N16

MultiCon CMC-N16 As a result of expanding the range of functional applications of the MultiCon…
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Data acquisition


Onset T-EG-7000-2775 is a 2775 Amp, 333mV Rogowski coil transformer sensor with a 7,0 inch…
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Data acquisition


Simple to install, the EG4100 Series let you monitor a wide range of energy parameters…
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What is the purpose of temperature registration?

Temperature control is one of the processes you can use to demonstrate, for example, that your product, process or workspace complies with the prescribed conditions. Temperature control is the first step. This is followed by registration, which lets you assess whether your temperature control is up to scratch. If any deviations are identified during registration, immediate action can be taken.


The purpose of effective and correct temperature registration is to monitor your business process, and it is often a requirement laid down by the hygiene code and/or HACCP regulations.


Temperature registration applications

Temperature registration is used extensively in a range of industries. It can be used to monitor the temperature in your offices or cold store. Just how important good temperature control and registration are will depend on the sector and the purpose. Solutions range from simple registration with a low measuring frequency to complex registrations with multiple measurement points, high measuring frequencies, alarms and much more.

In some cases, taking a measurement every few hours with a handheld meter will suffice. The temperature is measured with a handheld meter and then logged on paper.

Sometimes complex processes are better served by a more sophisticated automated system. For example, the business process surrounding foodstuffs requires more frequent registration at various points along the production line. The temperature in the process of baking a loaf of bread can be fully monitored using sensors and a monitoring system. Among other things, you can measure the temperature of your bread, your ovens and the surrounding area. Monitor your entire baking process by measuring the temperature every hour or continuously. Set the system to trigger alarms if there are any deviations and view the measured values in real-time on a tablet or smartphone.


Which one do I need?

The type of registration you need is strongly dependent on a range of factors. Pedak supplies handheld meters, infrared cameras, data loggers, monitoring systems and other equipment to help log temperature. We will help you find the best application to keep your temperature registration in tip-top shape!

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