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Flex-Sky-nSENS-HT-ENS – Nokeval

The Flex-Sky-nSENS-HT-ENS measures temperature and humidity using a Novasina nSens probe. The probe is not included.

Flex-Sky-nSENS-HT-ENS transmitter

The Flex-Sky-nSENS-HT-ENS measures temperature and humidity with very high accuracy and speed. Which, due to its ±0,5% accuracy, is very suitable for use in cleanrooms, operating rooms, climate cells and the pharmaceutical sector. The Novasina digital humidity and temperature sensor is based on the resistive electrolytic measuring principle with NTC temperature sensor. Thanks to the nSens bus technology, the sensor can be easily replaced/swapped and used on all compatible nSens end devices. The external Novasina sensor is ideal for very precise measurements in challenging environments.

The Flex-Sky-nSENS-HT-ENS transmitter consists of a radio part (the transmitter/antenna)and a measurement module, connect a nSens sensor to registrate temperature- and relative humidity measurements. The nSens can be calibrated annually or replaced with a new/calibrated one without significant interruption of measurement.
The wireless system is connected with each other through the LoRa signal, this is an advanced modulation technique that achieves much wider wireless ranges than the traditional techniques. The Nokeval Sky product family uses this technology at the license-free 433 MHZ ISM band (in Europe fully accessible). The battery powered 10 MW transmitters have an open-space range of more than 10 kilometres and the practical range is several kilometres in most outdoor applications. The modulation technique tolerates other traffic on the same band very well.

Technical specifications

Input sensor: connector for Novasina nSense-HT-ENS humidity probe

Measuring range: -20…+80°C and 0...100% RH

Temperature accuracy: +/- 0,1°C in range of -0…+70°C and +/- 0,2°C in range of -20...+80°C

Humidity accuracy: +/- 0,5% RH in range of 15...30°C and +/- 0,8% RH in range of 0...+50°C

Casing dimensions: 475 x 60 x 33 mm

Protection class: IP40

Outputs: Sky wireless with LoRa modulation

Radio signal frquency: 433 MHz ISM band

Maximum range: up to 7 kilometres outdoor, up to 500 meters indoor

Operating temperature: -30...+60°C

Power supply: one AA size (ER14500) 3,6V Li-SOCI2 battery

Battery life: up to 5 years, automatically renew by calibration program at Pedak

Antenna: external whip antenna with BNC connector

CheckOptional with calibration

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