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You need to calibrate and maintain your measuring equipment to keep it in good condition. Pedak has an experienced technical department that can calibrate or repair measuring equipment either in our own laboratory or on site if required.

Pedak is a brand-neutral company with a rich history spanning nearly five decades. With extensive expertise and strong partnerships with esteemed manufacturers, Pedak offers a comprehensive range of in-house calibration and repair services for various measuring equipment. Our efficient processes ensure swift turnaround times, and all calibrations are accompanied by traceable certificates, guaranteeing reliability. Additionally, when feasible and upon request, we can promptly make adjustments to your equipment.


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Your calibration, our business

Go for certainty and have your measuring instruments calibrated regularly because only by a proper measurement you will really know for sure.

On-Site Calibration of Measuring Equipment

Experience peace of mind by choosing our on-site calibration service for your maintenance needs. With our convenient service, sensors are calibrated directly at your location, eliminating the need for shipping and ensuring uninterrupted measurement accuracy. Not only do we calibrate our own equipment, but we also offer seamless calibration for other brands of measuring equipment.

Introducing Our Unique Exchange System

In situations where uninterrupted measurement is crucial, we provide an exchange service for select sensor types. This time-saving solution ensures that your sensors are always calibrated, and they even come with the option of a lifetime warranty. This means you can continuously monitor your measured values without any interruptions.

Pedak: Optris Certified

We take pride in being the exclusive Dutch company certified by Optris, the innovative German developer and manufacturer of infrared temperature measurement instruments. Optris instruments are meticulously calibrated in-house, adhering to rigorous German standards. With Pedak, you can trust in the expertise and reliability that comes with our Optris certification.

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