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We are Pedak: "At Pedak, we go beyond merely providing measuring equipment.”

Pedak's measuring equipment can be found in diverse locations, from the freezing South Pole to tropical Africa. Measurement technology is not only essential for monitoring climate change but also plays a pivotal role in our daily lives. Precise measurement equipment enables the monitoring of processes and products, enhancing safety, quality, and productivity.

Whether you're an installation engineer working to improve air quality in a hospital, a botanist optimizing lettuce crops, a researcher ensuring water quality in rivers, or a quality manager ensuring the crunchiness of biscuits on the production line, reliable data is crucial.

Our extensive product range empowers us to offer tailored measurement technology for clear insights.

Taking a Holistic Approach

The right information leads to informed decisions, and precise measuring equipment provides that information. Pedak assists product developers, climate researchers, farmers, pharmacists, installation engineers, building managers, OEMs, suppliers, and anyone seeking reliable measurement data. It all starts with adopting a holistic perspective of the process at hand.

Analysis Before Advice

As experts in measurement technology, we extend our thinking beyond the questions posed by customers. We delve into the queries, placing them within a broader context by considering the entire process and identifying critical parameters. Only then do we provide unbiased advice. This approach ensures that our customers receive the ideal solution for their measurement needs, sometimes differing from the initial equipment they had in mind.

Tailored Measurement Solutions

Pedak offers sensors, displays, data loggers, monitoring systems, Aw meters, and handheld meters for a diverse range of industries and applications. Our maintenance and calibration services guarantee that our products remain valuable for an extended period. If standard equipment proves insufficient for a specific challenge, we tap into our expertise to craft a custom solution, ensuring our customers receive precisely the measurement system they require.

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