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We are Pedak: “At Pedak, we do so much more than supply measuring equipment”

Pedak’s measuring equipment can be found everywhere from the freezing South Pole to tropical Africa. For example, not only does measurement technology help us monitor climate change, it also plays a key role in our everyday lives. Measuring equipment allows you to monitor processes and products precisely, which is good for safety, quality and productivity.

Whether you’re an installation engineer wanting to bring the air quality of a hospital in order, a botanist wanting to optimise your lettuce crop, a researcher wanting to ensure the water quality in rivers remains healthy or a quality manager wanting to make sure the biscuits rolling off the production line are crunchy, reliable data is essential.

Our wide product range enables us to provide clear insights using customised measurement technology.

Holistic view

The right information lets you make the right decisions, and the right measuring equipment gets you that information. Pedak supports product developers, researchers in climate and other areas, farmers, pharmacists, installation engineers, building managers, OEMs, suppliers and anyone else who needs reliable measurement data. It all starts with taking a holistic view of the process concerned.


First analyse, then advise

As specialists in measurement technology, we are happy to think beyond the questions customers ask us. We analyse the questions and put them in a broader perspective by looking at the whole process and identifying the critical parameters. Only then do we dispense independent advice. This methodology ensures that our customers get the right solution for their measurement questions. This sometimes comprises different measuring equipment than they originally had in mind.


Customised measurement solutions

Pedak supplies sensors, displays, data loggers, monitoring systems, Aw meters and handheld meters for a wide range of industries and applications. Our maintenance and calibration service means you can benefit from our products for a long time. In the case standard equipment does not suffice for a particular problem, then we will call on our expertise to come up with a custom solution, to ensure that our customers get exactly the measurement system they need.

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