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Pedak's Journey Through Time - Nearly Five Decades of Precision Measurement Solutions

In 1975, Pedak's Journey Began Pedak's story commenced with its founder, Siegfried Peeters, who laid the foundation in Voorschoten. Taking a deliberate path, Siegfried established the business as a sole proprietorship, collaborating with a select group of steadfast representatives from Switzerland, Germany, and Taiwan. Right from the outset, Siegfried focused on forging strong, enduring partnerships with reliable suppliers. Notably, Novasina, the Swiss company renowned for its water activity (Aw value) measuring instruments and high-quality indoor climate sensors, has been an integral part of our product portfolio since Pedak's inception. This partnership has remained an enduring symbol of Pedak's commitment to excellence and quality.

Dream Big

After a successful beginning in Voorschoten, Pedak made a strategic move to Egchel in North Limburg. From the very start, Pedak had grand aspirations. Even in its early years as a sole proprietorship, it aimed for a prominent position by actively participating in the biennial HET Instrument trade fair. To ensure that every visitor to the Pedak booth received assistance, they even employed hostesses. By attending trade fairs across Europe, Pedak remained at the forefront of the latest industry developments right from the beginning.

Kantoor Pedak oud

Establishment of the First Pedak Office in Heythuysen

Growth Beyond 1996 

In the year 1996, Pedak welcomed its first employee, Roland Vossen, into the team. Roland’s significant role would eventually lead to a pivotal change: Pedak relocating to Roland’s hometown of Heythuysen. This transition marked a turning point in the company’s journey. Fast forward to 2006, Pedak outgrew its initial office unit nestled in the backyard and proudly moved to its current impressive location within the Arenbos business park in Heythuysen. This expansion signified a remarkable chapter in Pedak’s growth story.

Delivering Precision Backed by Expertise, Experience, Dedication, and Passion

Our journey has been defined by the strength and efficiency of our team. Over time, we’ve transformed into a dedicated group of employees, led by our accomplished Director, Roland Vossen. While we may be considered a smaller player, Pedak has earned its place among industry giants, not just in the Netherlands but across Europe. Our commitment to thinking big and offering comprehensive solutions, a philosophy ingrained since 1975, remains unchanged. At Pedak, we always choose the path that leads to the perfect answer for every measurement challenge, never settling for the easiest route.

Beyond Mere Gauges

At Pedak, we’ve discovered that the perfect solution doesn’t always come ready-made. This has driven us to explore innovative avenues, unleashing the expertise and creativity of our exceptional team. As a result, we’ve pioneered numerous remarkable innovations. One of our standout achievements includes the creation of a book monitoring system, now utilized even in the Vatican library. We’ve also developed a wireless measurement and logging system for tracking temperature and climate conditions. Most recently, we proudly introduced a cutting-edge cleanroom display that showcases the status and climate within operating theaters, laboratories, and cleanrooms. This innovative display earned us a prestigious industry award for our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

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