History of Pedak 46 years of measurement solutions

In 1975, Siegfried Peeters founded Pedak in Voorschoten. Siegfried Peeters took the conscious decision to set up business as a sole trader with a few permanent representatives from Switzerland, Germany and Taiwan. From the very beginning, Siegfried strove to build sound, long-term relationships with reliable suppliers. In fact, our product range has included the Swiss brand Novasina, which manufactures precision instruments for measuring parameters such as water activity (Aw value) as well as high-quality indoor climate sensors, since Pedak’s very beginning.

Think big

After getting off to a good start in Voorschoten, Pedak moved to Egchel (North Limburg). Pedak thinks big and even in the early years as a sole trader, it took its place among the big names by participating in the HET Instrument trade fair, which is held every other year. The company even hired hostesses to ensure that all visitors could be helped. By visiting trade fairs throughout Europe, Pedak managed to keep abreast of the latest developments from the outset.

Kantoor Pedak oud

The first Pedak office in Heythuysen

Post-1996 growth

Pedak kantoor oud

The first Pedak office in Heythuysen

In 1996, the first employee, Roland Vossen, was recruited. Roland soon took over from Siegfried, which meant Pedak would move to Roland’s hometown of Heythuysen. In 2006, Pedak moved out of an office unit in the back garden, to the impressive premises on the Arenbos business park in Heythuysen.

Measuring solutions with expertise, experience, commitment and enthusiasm

None of this would have been possible without a strong and effective team. We have since evolved into a great team of enthusiastic employees headed by proud Director Roland Vossen. Although still a relatively small player, Pedak ranks among the big names, not only in the Netherlands but throughout Europe. Just like in 1975, Pedak thinks big and in terms of solutions. Pedak never takes the easy way out as we prefer to work on finding the perfect answer to any measurement question.

More than just gauges

On more than one occasion, we reached the conclusion that the perfect answer did not yet exist, resulting in a number of interesting innovations made possible by the expertise and creativity of our team. For example, we have developed a book monitoring system that is even used in the Vatican library; we have developed a wireless measuring and logging system for temperature and climate, and we recently developed a cleanroom display to show the status and climate inside operating theatres, laboratories and cleanrooms that even won an important innovation award.

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