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nSens-HT-ENS – Novasina

High accuracy, exchangeable Humidity and temperature sensor with integrated calibration.

Unique sensor for cleanrooms, operating theatres, climate chambers and pharmaceutical applications. Due to the unique measuring principle is the accuracy of this sensor 0,5% RH in the whole range from 5 to 100% RH. This makes this sensor ideal for high humidity applications like growing plants and vertical farming. De exchangeable sensor makes it possible to save time and money on the yearly maintenance and calibration.
Lifetime warranty of the sensor with the exchange program:
Avoid unstable climate systems during the calibration, high calibration costs and the Operation theatre or cleanroom can stay in use during the calibration.

Technical specifications

Measuring range: 0..100% RH: -20 .. 80°C (other ranges programmable)

Accuracy: 0,5% RH: 0,1°C

Analogue output: 4..20mA, 0..20mA, 0..10V (in combination with Quantadat or NLink)

Digital output: Modbus RTU (in combination with nLink-Modbus)

Power supply: 24VDC or 24VAC

Process temperature: -20 .. 80°C

CheckOptional with calibration

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