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What is a high-temperature data logger?

This type of data logger is specially designed to measure high temperatures. It can be used during processes such as curing paint.

It has a temperature range of -50 °C to as much as +1200 °C and is accurate to ± 0.5 °C/0.9 °C (static) and ± 1 °C / 1.8 °C (dynamic). For measuring low temperatures in a tunnel freezer or high temperatures in a kiln

Applications for temperature data loggers

The temperature data logger can be widely used in industry, ranging from foodstuffs to car paint. Whereas regular data loggers may not be able to handle high temperatures, this data logger can.

Monitor the oven temperatures throughout the bread-baking process and guarantee the quality of your product. Using the data logger lets you measure and register temperature and draw conclusions from the data you collect. Check the temperature so that your bread is never burned or underbaked, preventing spoilage and unnecessary production costs.

Accurately check the process of curing paint in your oven and meet the specific curing requirements of the coating. Comply with standards and certification and guarantee the quality of your product.

Advantages of a data logger

  • Prevent downtime
  • Minimise product recalls
  • Identify deviations and use measured values to make corrections
  • Comply with regulations/legislation through registration
  • Improve your process settings
  • Increase productivity
  • Finally, you can reduce energy costs

Which temperature data logger do I need?

Whatever industry you work in or whatever the application, when it comes to measuring temperature, we have the right temperature data logger. Contact one of our specialists and we will help you find the best data logger.

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