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Pedak explains: What is a monitoring system?


Monitoring is a term you hear or see a lot, including on our website. But what exactly do monitoring and monitoring systems do? In this blog, we will explain it to you!

Specifically, monitoring means ‘supervising a process’. Supervision gives you the ability to watch over a process. But how exactly do you create a monitoring and supervision system?

You do so by measuring certain values at various critical or other points in the process. The values measured are also referred to as measurement data. This has to be saved so that it can be retrieved and displayed somewhere. And that is where the monitoring system comes in. With a monitoring system, you can create a schematic overview of all measurement data.


The Pedak monitoring system

Pedak is the exclusive dealer of a monitoring system that comes from Finland. The Nokeval company has come up with a highly reliable monitoring system called Ovaport. Ovaport gives Pedak the opportunity of being able to offer a complete solution for temperature registration, climate monitoring and process control. It is a fully wireless monitoring system featuring a flexible composition of hardware, software, service and calibration. It can easily be expanded and scaled according to needs.


How exactly does the Ovaport monitoring system work?

The monitoring system sets up its own private network using LoRa (long-range) communication protocol. LoRa communication means it is perfect for monitoring whole buildings with several different work areas or locations.

Data is transmitted from several different sensors/transmitters to a receiver before being forwarded to the online web service. It is easy to add both new and existing sensors (e.g. Pt100 thermocouples) to the Ovaport monitoring system.

The online web service allows users to view, analyse, process and report all measured values in a clearly structured format. This system also makes it possible to add multiple users, each with their own privileges, tasks, reports, alarms, work schedules and workspaces. If, for instance, a high or low limit value is reached, alarms are immediately sent by email or SMS to the appropriate contact person.

Among its applications, the Ovaport monitoring system can be used to ensure compliance with HACCP or FDA21CFRPart11 standards. Users can capitalise on this by adding extra tasks, work instructions, procedures or even a complete quality manual. The system accurately keeps track of all changes in an audit trail.


Temperature and relative humidity monitoring

Temperature registration is the most common form of monitoring and is conducted for equipment such as refrigerators, freezers, ovens or stoves Variations in temperature and relative humidity can have a major impact on a finished product. It is therefore essential that the temperature and the relative humidity of the air are monitored so that any adjustments can be made at once.

Besides the climate, the product temperature frequently also plays a key role in the composition, the shelf life and perhaps even the flavour of the finished product. Examples include the storage of medicines or perishable goods, or products that are designed to react to temperature fluctuations. Pedak offers a variety of meters and sensors that, when used in conjunction with OVA, make it easy to acquire a deeper understanding of your product.

Monitoring the indoor climate

These days, a healthy indoor climate is more important than ever, not only in offices or public spaces but also when working with other living organisms. The indoor climate can also be crucial in other areas, for instance in certain enclosed spaces, archive rooms for files/documents or even the storage of art collections.


In these cases, other measurable parameters such as the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air, the light intensity (PAR) in certain rooms, the presence of certain volatile gases (VOC) or the pressure/differential pressure in an enclosed space are also important.

Pedak offers a range of air quality sensors that can help monitor the indoor climate.


Have a browse in our demo account

You can use the login details below to enter our Ovaport demo account.

Click here to go to the Ovaport portal.

Username: demo@pedak.nl

Password: pedak

Further information

The product specifications behind the link below list the various components of the Ovaport monitoring system. The system works differently in every space and for every application. Would you like to find out what Ovaport can do for you?

Request an on-site Ovaport demonstration without obligation!

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