How can data loggers help you prevent mould growth in buildings?

Mould can grow on the walls and ceilings of homes, offices and listed buildings. It’s a common problem that keeps damp specialists busier than ever. Simply combating mould growth in buildings is not enough to prevent it from coming back though, especially in the long term. For this, you need to examine the underlying cause: excessive humidity.

Mould growth in buildings

Data loggers accurately monitor the humidity levels in buildings, warning you when there is a danger of mould growth, so you can take appropriate steps without delay. Consequently, your indoor climate is healthier and your living or working environment more comfortable. We would be pleased to explain how it works.


Prevention is better than cure

To prevent or halt mould growth, it is not enough to combat it with measures such as repointing or repainting the walls. If you want to tackle the problem properly, you need to contain the relative humidity so that mould has no chance to grow. Data loggers provide insight into humidity levels and, when linked to a monitoring system, they even allow you to check the data 24/7. This then lets you take prompt action if the humidity levels become excessive. Prevention is better than cure.


The critical threshold of 60% humidity

60% humidity is the critical threshold at which moulds can grow. If you stay below this limit, mould will not be able to gain a foothold and it will not cause you any problems. You should keep a particularly close eye on humidity levels in rooms such as cellars, toilets, bathrooms, warehouses and garages to ensure the threshold is not exceeded.


Not only in old buildings

Although a common belief is that mould only grows in old buildings such as museums or other listed buildings, nothing could be further from the truth. If new buildings are inadequately ventilated, they will also be susceptible to mould growth. This is particularly a problem nowadays as people often keep doors and windows shut as a way of saving on energy costs. Consequently, the humidity rises as does the likelihood of mould growth.


Long-lasting comfortable indoor climate

Are you a technical assistant, building manager or technical services worker whose job it is to ensure a healthy indoor climate? Do you want to avoid the hassle of damaged walls and ceilings due to mould formation in buildings? Do you want to create a long-lasting, comfortable living or working environment? If so, get to the root of the problem!

At Pedak Meettechniek, we would love to advise you on how to use data loggers to ensure mould has no chance of forming. Book an appointment without obligation and explore the options!

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