Find heat leaks with an infrared camera

Information about heat leaks. Saving energy in housing is becoming an increasingly important issue. Clearly, it’s about saving money - after all, we are dealing with ever-rising gas prices - but it is also good for the environment. If the right corrective measures are introduced, the living comfort will also improve.

When looking for heat leaks in a home, the use of an IR heat camera is an extremely useful tool. For several years, the energy coaches at LeudalEnergie have been using the Peak Tech 5610 (220x160pixels) Infrared camera supplied by Pedak meettechniek of Heythuysen. Maaike Godschalk’s extensive knowledge of infrared measuring technology has been of invaluable help to us.

The ideal circumstances for revealing heat leaks in a home are when the outside temperature is zero and the central heating is set at a normal level. Heat reflections must be avoided. For example, if the camera is set up incorrectly, a patch of heat might show up erroneously in the image.


Examples of heat leaks 

In photo 1 we can see that the cavity wall insulation above the door is worse than on the rest of the wall. Heat is also escaping through the garage door.

Photo 2 shows us in red that a lot of heat is leaking from below the window.

Infrarood foto huis

Photo 2

In photo 3 you can see that red is the dominant colour under the gutter across the width of the house. This is a sign that the cavity wall insulation has collapsed. The fact that the windows appear almost white clearly shows that they are letting heat escape.

Infrarood foto huis

Photo 3

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Text: Jan Vossen, LeudalEnergie Sustainable Energy Cooperative

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