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Flow sensor

Flow measurement easily handled
To be able to measure air and gas flows precisely and with repeatability a number of ”correct” parameters are required. For many flow sensors orientation relative to flow direction is essential for quality of results. The choice of sensor is also dependant on the gas to be measured. Dust and aggressive gases will also impact on the quality of results and also introduce increased maintenance and premature replacement, with evident additional costs. In areas with potential for explosion hazard, as found in powder handling and oil/gas plants for example, then sensors with appropriate approval are required, and this will limit the option of sensor supplier

Technical specifications

Measuring range wN max: 0 … 1/2,5/5/10/20/35 / 50 m/s

Lower detection limit wN: 0.06 m/s

Measuring range Tm: -40 °C … +85 °C

Output signals for temperature and flow, Auto U/I: 0 ... 10 V / 4 ... 20 mA

Measuring fluid: Air, nitrogen, other gases on request

Supply voltage: 24 V DC ± 20%

Sensor length: 100/150/161,5 (remote Version)/350/≤ 1000 mm

CheckOptional with calibration

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