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Thermal imager for glass industry, 382x288 pixels


Infrared camera for temperature measurement in the glass industry. The Optris PI 450i G7 infrared camera is the first industry-specific thermal imaging camera in the PI series. Designed specially for the glass industry, this camera measures in only one spectral range. The typical parameters of Optris cameras high measurement speed (80 Hz), high optical resolution (382 x 288 pixels) and compact design were kept to allow for the capturing of real-time thermal images of everything from glass beads right up to large panes.
The IR camera is used as a line-scan camera in the field of sheet glass production and offers various possibilities for documenting and controlling the process.

Technical specifications

Optical resolution: 382 x 288 pixels

Spectral range: 7.9 µm

Measurement ranges: 150 °C to 900 °C'200 °C to 1,500 °C

Sighting range: 0 °C to 250 °C

Frame rate: 80 Hz/ switchable to 27 Hz

Optics (FOV):

18° x 14° FOV / f = 20 mm

29° x 22° FOV / f = 12,7 mm

53° x 38° FOV / f = 7,7 mm

80° x 54° FOV / f = 5,7 mm

Thermal sensitivity (NETD) at Tobj= 650 °C: 150 mK

System accuracy (at ambient temperature 23 ± 5°C): ±2 °C or ±2 %

PC interface: USB 2.0

Process interface (PIF):

Standard PIF: 0-10 V input, digital input (max. 24V), 0-10 V output

Industrial PIF: 2x 0-10 V inputs, digital input (max. 24 V), 3x 0-10V outputs, 3x relay (0-30 V/ 400 mA), fail-safe relay

Ambient temperature (TAmb): 0 °C...70 °C

CheckOptional with calibration

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