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Ovahygi-NEO – Nokeval

Wireless ATP luminometer usable via the app and direct integration with the Ovaport Web Service


The Nokeval Ovahygi-NEO makes rapid ATP surface hygiene sampling a part of your daily routine of ensuring clean, constantly high quality production. Sampling surface hygiene and traceably recording the results has never been so quick, easy and economic. The Ovahygi-NEO can be used as a stand-alone measuring instrument, but it really excels when used seamlessly together with the app (required) on your mobile phone and the Ovaport web service. This is a winning combination that makes professional ATP surface hygiene sampling, measuring, recording and reporting a streamlined and efficient process. No cables, no plugs, no drivers or software to install.

The sensor detects microorganisms, for example: listeria, salmonella, E-coli and legionella. It shows the result of the measurement within one minute on your mobile phone and you can easily combine it with the Hygiena Ultrasnap, single-shot ATP test swaps. The ATP meter is very easy to operate with only one push on the button and it shows a direct result read-out. It is battery powered, up to 3 year battery-life and has compact and rugged design. This ensures reliable results by monitoring the device orientation and ambient temperature. The Ovahygi-NEO has the following benefits in practise: surface hygiene monitoring on a daily basis, ensuring the effectiveness of cleaning procedures with rapid feedback and quality assurance.

Technical specifications

Storage temperature: +5…+40 °C

Operating temperature: +20...+30 °C

Relative air humidity: 5-95 %, non-condensing

Protection class: IP20

Measuring description: luminometry based on a photodiode.

Measuring time: approx. 15 seconds

Measurement unit: RLU (Relative Light Unit, where 1 RLU is roughly equivalent to 1 fmol ATP)

Measuring range: 0…99999 RLU

Measuring noise: ±5 RLU

Measuring accuracy: ±20% ± 5 RLU

Single-use swab: Hygiena UltraSnap ATP surface hygiene sampling swab

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