MG-3003SD – Lutron

AC/DC magnetic field tester, wide range, SD card data logger


Wide range, general purpose magnetic measurement.
For industrial, mechanical, material, electrical, laboratory field usage.

Technical specifications

Unit: G (Gauss), mT (milli Tesla).

Magnetic measurement: DC / AC

DC range: 300.00 mT / 3000.0 mT.

AC range: 150.00 mT / 1500.0 mT.

Resolution: 0.01 mT / 0.1 mT, 0.1 G / 1 G.

DC polarity: N / S.

Sensor: Hall sensor.

Functions: Zero, Data hold. Record (Max., Min.), RS232 / USB computer interface.

Power Supply: DC 9V battery (006P) x 1 PC or DC 9V adapter.

Datalogger: SD card

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