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Kube-Sky-RHT-CO2 – Nokeval

This is a LoRa transmitter for indoor air measurements. This model includes temperature, relative humidity and CO2 (ppm) measuring sensors. It sends the measurements wireless through a LoRa signal to receiver and the Ovaport web service monitoring system.

The Kube-Sky-RHT-CO2 has a LoRa output signal based Nokeval Sky radio with a very long range for indoor air quality measurements. The Kube-Sky-RHT-CO2 includes temperature and relative humidity measuring sensors. Because of its nice and clean design the Kube series are ideal for indoor applications and more clean environments, such as measuring the temperature, the relative humidity and the CO2 value in for example offices, musea, schools, laboratories and warehouses.

This model needs to see fresh air at least once a week to be able to auto calibrate itself. The minimum time spent in the fresh air should be at least five measurement intervals. This model is not suitable for premises that are continuously occupied: such premises result carbon dioxide measurement to show smaller values than should. The CO2 model can be used with batteries, however the battery life will be shorter than on the basic model. An external power supply can be used to overcome this.The LoRa signal is an advanced modulation technique that allows much longer range than the traditional techniques. The Nokeval OVASKY family uses this technology at the license-free 433 MHz ISM band (not available in all countries). The battery powered 10 mW transmitters have an open-space range of more than 5 kilometers and the pratical range is 30 to 300 meters in most indoor applications. The modulation technique tolerates other traffic on the same band quite well.

Technical specifications

Transmit interval: 30 minutes with batteries and 15 minutes with external power supply

Measuring range humidity: 0…100% RH

Measuring range temperature: -20…+50°C

Measuring range carbon dioxide: 400...2.000 ppm

Measuring accuracy humidity: +10…+50°C and 20…80% RH: ±3% RH

Measuring accuracy temperature: +10…+50°C: ±0,5°C

Measuring accuracy carbon dioxide: ±50 ppm + 3% of reading

Power supply: 2 x AA size 1.5 V alkaline battery or Micro-USB connector, 5V, 500 mA

Battery life: at least 3 years with 30-minute transmit interval

Enclosure material: ABS+PC

Operating temperature: 0…+50°C, non-condensing

Storage temperature: -30…+60°C, non-condensing

Protection class: IP20

External dimensions: 95 x 75 x 47 mm

Including wall mount: 95 x 75 x 48 mm

Modulation: LoRa, compatible with Nokeval Sky series equipment (not LoRaWAN compatible)

Frequency band: 433.05…434.79 MHz, selectable from 7 channels

Transmitting power: 10 mW maximum

Range: line-of-sight range 5 kilometers, indoor range 30…300 meters

CheckOptional with calibration

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