Hobo S-WCG-M003 – Onset

Ultrasonic wind speed and direction smart sensor, compatible with the USB data loggers stations or with the web-based monitoring systems for remote communication


The ultrasonic wind speed and direction smart sensor is compact and rugged with no moving parts. Because this sensor is ultrasonic it is able to measure very low wind speeds, down to 0,4 m/s (compared to 1,0 m/s for our mechanical sensors). As with all Onset smart sensors, this sensor is plug-and-play with Hobo stations (RX3000, USB Micro Station, H22 and the U30-NRC). Because it is automatically recognized by Hobo stations, there is no need for programming, resulting in fast and easy deployment. The sensor is powered by its own built-in solar panel.

The wireless wind speed and direction sensor is also available for use with the HOBOnet field monitoring system. This sensor operates in an outdoor environment and the S-WCG-M003 sensor supports the following measurement: wind speed and wind direction.

Technical specifications

Measurement range: 0 to 41,16 m/s speed and 0 to 359 degrees direction

Accuracy: ±0,8 m/s or ±4% of reading in speed and 0,2 to 3 m/s with ±4 degrees, >3 m/s with ±2 degrees direction

Operating temperature range without icing: -15°C to 55°C

Environmental rating: weatherproof

Housing: polyacetal

Dimensions: sensor length: 380 mm, sensor head diameter: 60 mm, sensor rod diameter: 16 mm

Power supply: photovoltaic panel, LIFEP04 3,2 V -600 mAh battery

Number of data channels: 3

Cable length available: 3 meters

Length of smart sensor network cable: 0,5 meters

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