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Hand meter for air speed and air volume, set with 2 cones

Calculation of the volume flow with a flow area freely adjustable between 0 and 99,999 cm2.
Tracing larger leaks in the building envelope at windows and doors in combination with an air permeability measurement.
Data processing via IR communication port telescopic rod extendable to 177 cm for the measuring funnels available as an option.
Units adjustable between (m / s or m3 / h or ºC) calculated from a flow area in cm2 or (fpm together with CFM or ºF) from a flow area in inch2.
Volume flow calculation 0 to 99,999 m3 / h with automatic measuring funnel recognition
Hold function
Min-/Max function
Display illumination

Technical specifications

Measuring range (air speed): 0.5 to 30.0 m / s

Measuring range (volume flow): 0 to 99,999 m3 / h

Measuring range (Temperature): -20.0 to +60.0 ºC

Diameter vane: 10 cm

Power supply: Four 1.5 V batteries type AAA

CheckOptional with calibration

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