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CO2 transmitter

eSENSE Duct is an infrared and maintenance-free CO2 transmitters, for climate control of buildings and other processes. eSENSE duct is for installation in the ventilation duct.

eSENSE Duct is an extremely cost-optimized sensor solution for climate control of buildings and other processes. By controlling the ventilation based on actual demand, it helps you decrease your energy consumption and yet have a healthy indoor climate! The different housing options makes the eSENSE available to almost any application or environment for example in greenhouses, residential and commercial buildings.

Technical specifications

Measuring range: 0 - 2000 ppm

OUT1 CO2: 0 - 10VDC

OUT2 CO2: 2 to 10 V DC or 4 - 20mA

Accuracy (CO2): ± 30ppm ± 3% of reading

Life expectancy:> 15 years

Operating temperature: 0 - 50 ° C

Power Supply: 24VAC/VDC ±20%, 50Hz (half-wave rectifier input)

CheckOptional with calibration

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