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DI-6300A – Lutron

Insulation tester, 2000M ohm (1000V)

Precision 200 ohm range easy for measuring low resistance such as motor windings, relay coils etc.
Insulation measurement with high drive current, short circuit current > 2.55 mA.
18 mm (0.7”) large LCD display.
LSI-circuit provides high reliability and durability.
Overload protection for each range.
Automatic zero adjust & automatic circuit discharge.
Durable & portable housing case with the front protective cover.

Technical specifications

Insulation ranges:200 M ohm (100V), 200 M ohm (250V), 200 M ohm (500V), 1000 M ohm(1000V), ACV, 200 ohms

Size: 160 x 120 x 85 mm.

Functions: continuity beeper, Short circuit, 2.8 mA high driving current, Test lead TL-88 and alligator clips AL-05 are included.

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