CO2 meter – TFA 31500902 – CO2 monitor

De CO2 meter van TFA helpt je te controleren hoe oud en vervuild de lucht is in binnenruimtes waar veel mensen aanwezig zijn, zoals in scholen, kantoren en openbare gebouwen.

Timely and energy-efficient ventilation ensures a healthy indoor climate. This CO2 meter displays the current CO2 content of the room air, temperature, relative humidity and time. The display’s lighting colour can be used to quickly evaluate and interpret the current CO2 measurements. Depending on the setting, the lighting immediately signals the current air quality in the traffic light colours (green, orange, red).

Alternatively, the red display lighting can be used as an optical signal in the event of an alarm when a certain limit has been exceeded. Another option is to choose a solid colour from seven shades or to switch off the lighting completely. The three smiley icons serve as comfort zone indicators for the measured values of the past 24 hours.  When the monitor displays a happy smiley, the air quality is ideal to good.

In addition, the graph clearly shows the development of CO2 levels over the last 24 hours. Power is supplied via a micro USB cable (can be connected via PC, laptop or plug-in).

Technical specifications

Meetbereik CO2: 0 tot 9.999 ppm 

Leveringsomvang CO2-monitor: de monitor, micro USB kabel en handleiding 

Meetbereik relatieve luchtvochtigheid: 1 tot 95% 

Meetbereik temperatuur: 0 tot 50 °C

Klok: kwartsklok

Materiaal: kunststof 

Stroomgebruik: via micro USB aansluiting

Afmetingen: (L) 105 x (B) 33 x (H) 56 mm 

Gewicht: 93 gram

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