HOBO SD-MA-420 – Onset

4-20mA input cable

Pedak_HOBO SD-MA-420 - Onset

HOBO SD-MA-420 input adapter cable

A 47 cm long input adapter cable, for connecting a sensor with a 4-20mA output signal to a HOBO U12, UX120, MX1100 or ZW series data loggers with an available external channel. This allows you to expand the range of measurement options and applications while still logging the data from such sensors. It features a self-describing technology to automatically communicate configuration information to the data logger.

This adapter input cable works in indoor and outdoor environments and supports the following measurement/signal: 4-20mA.

Technical specifications

Environment: Indoor and Outdoor environments

Measurements: 4-20mA

Cable length:45cm

Compatible Data Loggers: U12-012, U12-013, U12-006, U12-008, ZW-005, ZW-007 , ZW-006, ZW-008

Compatible Sensors: T-CON-ACT-150, T-CON-ACT-300

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Introducing MX1104 & MX1105

For quick and easy implementation of self-recognising (SD) sensors.

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