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Body temperature – Group measurement

Measuring body temperature can be a good way to monitor the safety and health of employees and visitors. Pedak, together with its partners, developed an infrared body temperature meter especially for groups.

Group measurements

Pedak’s fever detection system measures body temperature to an accuracy of 0.2 degrees. The system is suitable for groups because of its unique distance-independent measurement. Independent of the position, the correct temperature is measured continuously within a distance of 6 metres.

For applications at airports, educational institutions, theatres, festivals and other places where many people gather, the fever detection system can optionally be linked to an access system, such as a gate or a door. In case of a deviating temperature, for example, access can be denied automatically.

Properties body temperature meter

  • Widely applicable: suitable for linking to an access system
  • Very fast: reliable measurement within 1 second
  • For groups: Applicable as access control
  • Reliable measurement: accuracy of 0.2 degrees
  • Dutch design
  • With an infrared camera handcrafted in Germany

Precise fever measurements by means of infrared camera

An infrared heat camera measures the heat radiation from the surface of an object, in this case the skin. The temperature of the skin is different from your internal temperature.

In order to measure body temperature correctly, a measurement on the forehead is not the right one, as only the surface temperature is measured there.

Thanks to the right experience in combination with the advanced software, we can still measure the internal temperature of the human being and give an alarm in case of fever.

CheckOptional with calibration

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