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CO2 and temparature transmitter for Green houses

Co2 sensor

Model aSENSE GH &ldquo:Green House&rdquo: is a transmitter for installation in the climate zone. The special coated PCB and extra dust/water protection filter make aSENSE GH suited for all kinds of greenhouses, incubators and similar environments. The unit measures both temperature and carbon dioxide concentration. aSENSE GH measures both temperature and carbon dioxide concentration in the ambient air, transforms the data into digital output signals and sends these values to a comprehensive system. The transmitter measures CO2 concentration in the ambient air up to 3000 ppm and transforms the data into an analogue 0/2-10 V / 4-20mA output signal.

Carbon dioxide is a necessity to all forms of life. It is a vital parameter in the production of all kinds of plant species, bacteria, chicken etc. A natural application for aSENSE – GH is therefore to supervise and/or control the climate in e. g. greenhouses, mushroom farms, agricultural, horticultural and medical incubators based on CO2 concentration and temperature. SenseAir model aSENSE – GH is especially suited for installation in these and similar environments since it measures both temperature and carbon dioxide concentration in one single unit. Both are very important parameters when trying to achieve an optimum growth. Integrated complimentary humidity sensor is available as option.

Technical specifications

Measuring range (CO2): 0 - 3000 ppm

Measuring range (Temperature): 0 - 50 ° C

Output: 0/4… 20mA, 0/2… 10V, relay

Power supply: 24 VAC / VDC ± 20%, 50-60 Hz

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