What is an RS-232 display?

RS-232 was introduced in 1960 as a standard interface for data communication between devices. It is a serial connection which, despite its age, is still often used for industrial equipment that does not require high speed or long cable lengths.

A faster interface (synchronous serial communication) also exists in the form of the SPI or i2C. This type of protocol sends data blocks & frames, making communications faster.


Design of the RS-232 display

At Pedak, you can find a variety of LCDs that feature an RS-232 interface. The product range includes character, graphic or smart graphics displays. If you have equipment with an RS-232 connection, you can easily upgrade it with an RS-232 display.

We have a variety of formats, ranging from small displays for character display to large graphics displays with touchscreens for controlling equipment and displaying video images.


Which RS-232 display do I need?

Are you looking for a simple display to set the temperature and timer on your oven, or do you need a large smart display so you can enter complex settings? Whatever the type of equipment you have and however complicated its operation may be, we can supply the right display.

We would be happy to look into the possibilities of installing a display to suit your requirements. You need to consider what you expect from the display, its maximum size, its visibility and its application. These are all things that have to be factored in when choosing a display.


Get in touch with our specialist

Please contact Siem, our Display Specialist. He will be only too happy to tell you more about the different variants and what they can be used for.

Feel free to ask us your question!

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