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DOG displays

With its EA DOG series, ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY presents the world’s first display series which will…
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OLED displays

Contrast 1/2000: The new OLED technology provides because of its real black background and its…
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What is a low power display?

Low power displays work on voltages as low as 3.3 volts. They consume less power than the average display, which makes them far more energy-efficient. Since standard displays consume a lot of power, there are clearly many gains to be had from using displays that consume very little power! Examples include displays in handheld, battery-operated devices.


Low power display applications

There are low power displays that show graphics and ones that show characters. A range of different sizes and shapes is available; small to large and square to round. The EA DOG series can even display a variety of background colours: white, green, blue, yellow or orange.

The displays are also thin and are small enough to be suitable for installation in compact housings. They are also available with touch screens.

There’s no need to worry about complex programming either. Simulation software makes programming the displays simple.

List of benefits

  • low supply voltage (3V)
  • Energy-efficient
  • Ideal for handheld devices
  • Wide product range
  • Compact fitting dimensions
  • Simulation using manufacturer’s software


Which display do I need?

Our wide range of displays allows us to look at what you need to use yours for so we can come up with the exact one that is suitable. EA DOG or OLED, graphic or character display, square, rectangular or round, there’s a huge selection to choose from! So don’t hesitate! Book an appointment with one of our specialists!


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