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Measuring body temperature

Getting ill is something we’d all like to avoid, especially when there’s a life-threatening epidemic going around. That’s why numerous measures have been introduced to cut the numbers of people becoming infected with the coronavirus.

An increase in body temperature is one of the most common symptoms of a COVID-19 infection. If you have any of the symptoms, you are advised to remain at home.

Although body temperature can be measured individually, it is sometimes easier to take the temperature of a group of people. Pedak can advise on the best system to use according to the situation in question.


Individual or group scanning

Do you want to ensure your temperature measurements are GDPR-proof? It may sound odd but your body temperature is confidential so it’s illegal for it to be measured and logged without your permission. We have therefore teamed up with our partners to design an infrared body temperature thermometer that meets the GDPR requirements. The system is fast, accurate and also secure.


Individual readings with a handheld thermometer

A handheld thermometer lets you take a person’s temperature from a comfortable distance. This handheld device has been specially designed to detect fevers and features a built-in alarm that is triggered if someone’s temperature is too high. The temperature range is from 32°C to 42.9°C. It gives you reliable results within one second!


Individual, GDPR-proof

A unit specially developed for discreet individual measurements. A temperature measurement is triggered automatically whenever someone stands in front of the unit. The unit works automatically, so no operator is required to take the temperatures, which makes it safe to use. The readings, which are reliable and accurate to within 0.2 degrees, are printed on a ticket. The people being scanned are neither registered nor recognised. In full compliance with GDPR guidelines, the user’s privacy is guaranteed.


Group scanning

The third system is suitable for scanning the temperatures of groups. It is ideally suited for spaces where multiple individuals gather. The combination of a thermal imaging camera with advanced technology allows highly accurate temperature monitoring from distances of up to six metres. This unit can be linked to access gates, a building management system, a control room, etc.

In places such as airports, cinemas, leisure parks, sports venues, concerts, etc., where lots of people come and go, your body temperature can now be measured more often for monitoring and prevention purposes.

Pedak supplies Optris infrared cameras that do just this.

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