What is a cold chain data logger

Cold chain refers to the continuous chain of refrigeration during the shipping of products from the manufacturer, via wholesalers, to retailers and even to the consumer. Monitoring this chain is a crucial part of product quality assurance. One example is the food industry. Manage the entire cold chain of, say, cooking cream, from production to the refrigerated section of the supermarket.

There is an increasing need to control the whole refrigerated process of products such as foodstuffs. The shelf life of many foodstuffs is highly dependent on continuous refrigeration. It is not only foodstuffs that depend on it. Temperature variations in the pharmaceutical industry can affect the quality or action of products. In some cases, incorrect temperatures can even destroy the product.

Transport and storage need to be carefully monitored with data logging.


Applications of a cold chain data logger

Throughout the cold chain, refrigeration must be up to scratch, whether during production, while storing your goods or during shipment. With a cold chain data logger, you can measure and log the temperature at different points in the chain.

This enables you to keep a close eye on the cold chain measurement data and to respond to any deviating readings.

Reliable, traceable measurement results enable optimal control of a process. Comparing measurement results with each other makes it possible to display any degradation of the process or installation. This gives you insight into your process and tells you when it is time to take action or replace equipment when it deteriorates. This helps you prevent downtime, extra costs and problems during production.


Which cold chain data logger do I need?

Pedak has a wide range of products when it comes to recording temperatures. You can use data loggers or even a monitoring system, permanent setup or handheld devices, infrared devices or sensors, the possibilities are endless!

Since readings can be taken at various points along the cold chain, we will examine which points are critical to the whole process. This enables us to determine which values you need to monitor and which measuring equipment best suits the task at hand.

If you are interested in cold chain monitoring and what it can offer, then make an appointment with one of our specialists and we will be happy to help you find an appropriate process monitoring solution.

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