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TD-GOLD Ultrasound measuring instrument for testing the authenticity of gold

You can use the TD-GOLD to determine whether gold bars and coins are genuine or whether they contain a core of a different material. The instrument measures the thickness of gold bars and gold coins using ultrasound.
Process: Ultrasound waves are directed onto the test object using a sensor. The waves penetrate the test object, are then reflected from a surface opposite the object and then picked up again by the sensor. The measurement determined by this process will be compared with the material thickness as measured by a traditional calliper gauge. On the basis of the measurement given, false cores (Figure: grey) such as for example, those made of tungsten, lead, etc. can be easily identified, as the ultrasound reacts differently, compared with pure gold.
Using the KERN SSG software (included), you can determine whether the test item is genuine or contains a false core – and you can be very confident of the result.
Known additions in tested gold items – e. g. copper or silver – are compensated by the software. In addition, the software determines the value of the gold item. The price of gold is polled on line continuously.
It is the only test process which measures right through the whole bar or the whole coin without interference and thereby guarantees the highest level of certainty.

Technical specifications

Model: TD-GOLD

Kalibratie: Base plate for calibration included

Carrying case: Delivered in a hard carrying case

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