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PC-6011SD – Lutron

Power Analyzer Clamp meter incl. data logger


Power quality analyzer for single-phase or balanced three-phasesystem.
Voltage and Current are the True RMS value.
ACV input impedance is 10 Mega ohms
True Power ( KW、MW、GW ) measurement.
Apparent Power ( KVA、MVA、GVA ) measurement.
Reactive Power ( KVAR、MVAR、GVAR) measurement
Power Factory ( PF )、Phase Angle (Φ ) measurement
Energy ( KWh、KVAh、KVARh、PFh ) measurement.
Built-in clock and Calendar, real time data record with SD memory card

Technical specifications

AVC: 10 to 600 V(RMS)

ACA: 10.00A to 2000A

Power factor: 0.00 to 1.00

Φ (Phase angle): -180° to 180°

Frequency: 45 to 65 Hz

Active/Apparent/Reactive POWER: 0.0 to 1.8M (W/VA/VAR)

Active/Apparent/Reactive POWER Hour:(WH/SH/QH): 0.000K to 9.9999M (WH/VAH/VARH)

Harmonics Magnitude: 1 to 50th

Total Harmonic Distortion: 0 to 100%

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