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Conductivity sensor

The ‘B’ series toroidal conductivity sensors overcome many of the difficulties associated with conventional toroidal sensors.
The signal processing electronics is incorporated in the sensor’s body and is permanently paired with the sensor cell.
This allows the sensor to be pre-calibrated at the factory.
The sensors are available in two ranges: 0-2.5mS, 0-50mS and 0-250mS.
The 4-20mA converter circuit is housed in an encapsulated module on the cable,
situated close to the sensor body.

Technical specifications

Model: PBKIN50-4-20PM

Measuring range (compensated): 0-2.5 mS, 0-50 mS: 0-250 mS

Temperature compensation: 1.7% per ° C (down to 25 ° C)

Model: PBKIN50-0-10V

Measuring range (compensated): 0-2.5 mS, 0-20 mS: 0-200 mS

Temperature compensation: 1.7% per ° C (down to 25 ° C)

Power supply: +12V to 24V DC @ 50 mA

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