PAM-9212SD – Lutron

PITOT TUBE ANEMOMETER and differeantial pressure meter

Pitot tube Anemometer measurements for Air Velocity .
Dual & differential input, ± 200 mbar max. range.
Application : Industrial, laboratory, heating, ventilation, medical hospital, used for air or not corrosive and not ionized gas & liquid.
Sensor is built inside the housing.
Single plugs for pipe connection.

Technical specifications

Air velocity: 4.1 to 100.0 m/s

Manometer: ± 200 mbar

Display units Air vilocity: m/s, km/h, FPM, mph, knots

Display units Air pressure: psi , inch Hg , inch H2O , h PA , kPA, mbar, Kg/cm2 , mm Hg , meter H2O , Atmosphere.

Power Supply: Alkaline or heavy duty DC 1.5 V battery ( UM3, AA ) x 6 PCs, or equivalent

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