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MultiCon CMC-99

Multi channel data logger / controller

The Multicon CMC-99 is a powerful and versatile compact-multichannel-controller with a capability to record data, if the recording function is requested and activated. Thanks to that it is one of the first industrial devices which integrates advanced control functions (PID, ON/OFF, time : profiles etc.) and logging of setpoints, excitations and current state of controlled objects. Although the Multicon CMC-99 is build in a quite small housing, it can integrate up to 48 inputs, and its construction allows user almost free configuration by choosing up to 3 from 16 available input/output modules.

Technical specifications

Power consumption: 15 VA, max. 20 VA

Input: 9 universal inputs max .: 48 analog input (0 / 4-20 mA or 0 / 1-5V or 0 / 2-10V) max., 48 digital input max., 24 thermocouple input max., 12 RTD input max., 12 counter / flow meter / rate meter input max., 1 digital input 24V DC

Display: 3.5 inch TFT graphics, 16-bit color, 320 x 240 pixels, touch screen

Measuring range: depending on the input

Communication interface: standard: RS-485 (Modbus RTU), 1 x USB Host: ETU version: 1 or 2 x USB Host, 1 x Ethernet 10 MB: enhanced ACM version: 2 x RS-485, 1 x RS-485/232, 1 or 2 x USB Host, 1 x Ethernet 10 MB

Operating temperature: 0 ° C ÷ + 50 ° C (default), -20 ° C ÷ + 50 ° C (optional)

Storage temperature: -10 ° C ÷ + 70 ° C or -20 ° C ÷ + 70 ° C (depending on version)

Enclosure: panel mount / case (optional)

Data storage speed: from 0.1 s to 24 h with 0.1 s resolution

Internal memory: 1.5 GB

Power supply: 19V ÷ 50V DC: 16V ÷ 35V AC or 85 ÷ 260V AC / DC

Protection class: IP 65 (front), available options: extra frame IP 65 for panel cut-out sealing, transparent door STD-99: version with front USB: IP 40 or IP 54

Panel cutout: 90.5 x 90.5 mm

CheckOptional with calibration

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