Lowcost transmitter

The gas transmitter ADOS LCTR 903 is suitable for the detection of combustible gases, for example hydrogen, methane (natural gas) or propane / butane (LPG) in air in the LEL region.

Two transmitter versions with different output signals are available:
– 3-wire 4–20 mA
– 4-wire LON® (LCTR 904)

Three measuring principles are available:
– VQ
– IR

Technical specifications

TGS: Semiconductor, ppm ranges to 100 % LEL

VQ: Heat reduction, ppm ranges to 100 % LEL

IR: Infrared, 0–100% LEL CH4, C3H8, C2H2, 0–1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Vol% CO2

CheckOptional with calibration

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