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Hydromette Compact A – Gann

Wood moisture meter non-destructief range 5-45%

The measuring principle of the GANN Hydromette COMPACT A is based on a non-destructive dielectric constant measuring oder high frequency measuring method. For taking measurements, the meter is simply placed on the material to be tested.
The moisture content can be read immediately. There is no need to drive any pins into the wood. Moisture values for timber up to 40 mm can be gathered.

The Compact A is especially applicable for painters, interior constructors, wooden floor fitters and furniture carpenters.

Technical specifications

Measurement range:


5 - 45 % wood moisture content

Applications: parquet layers, floor tillers, painters, interiordesign.

Other specifications:

Via a setting device the measured values which vary from wood species and wood-based material can be corrected automatically. Setting range from 1 to 10

No separate measuring electrodes or cables required

Fully automatic adjustment of the indicator.

Power supply by 9 V dry cell or rechargeable battery (optional equipment).

Dimensions: 170 L x 35 W x 35 mm H, weight approx. 140 g.

CheckOptional with calibration

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