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Hobo U20-001-01 – Onset

Water level freshwater data logger (0 to 9 meters), offload data via the BASE-U-4 optic USB base station or the U-DTW-1 waterproof shuttle

The Hobo water level data logger features high accuracy at a great price and ease-of-use, with no cumbersome vent tubes or desiccants to maintain. This data logger is ideal for recording water levels and temperatures in shallow wells, streams, lakes and freshwater wetlands. For saltwater deployments, such as brackish wetlands and tidal areas, see Hobo U20 Water Level Titanium.

Lightning protection – no long signal wires, and electronics are shielded in stainless steel housing for use in freshwater. HOBOware Pro software provides easy conversion to accurate water level reading, fully compensated for barometric pressure temperature and water density.The multiple-rate sampling allows faster sampling at critical times such as when pumping starts or stops. This data logger is available in four depth ranges and ideal for use in wells, streams, lakes, wetlands and tidal areas.
It has no-vent-tube design for easy reliable deployment and this model is also available in stainless and titanium versions. This is a durable ceramic pressure sensor and this data logger operates in outdoor and water environments.
The data logger supports the following measurements: absolute pressure, barometric pressure, temperature and water level.

Technical specifications

Operation range: 0 to 207 kPa (0 to 30 psia): approximately 0 to 9 meters of water depth

Burst pressure: 310 kPa (45 psia) or 18 m depth

Water level accuracy: ±0.05% FS, 0,5 cm water

Maximum error: ±0.1% FS, 1,0 cm water

Raw pressure accuracy: ±0.3% FS, 0,62 kPa (0.09 psi) maximum error

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