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Hobo S-CIA-CM14 – Onset

12-bit 4-20mA input adapter sensor, compatible with the USB data loggers stations or with the web-based monitoring systems for remote communication

I The 12-bit 4-20 mA Input Adapter interfaces with any sensor providing a 4-20 mA signal to connect to smart sensor compatible Hobo stations. This adapter features both a non-switched input and a battery-saving switched input that extends the life of external batteries. It also provides a trigger signal for controlling power to attached external sensors, while offering digital filtering which improves measurement accuracy with 32 readings/sample and 60 Hz noise rejection. I

This is a 12-bit resolution input adapter, the digital filtering improves the measurement accuracy with 32 readings/sample and 4-20 mA adapter has 60 Hz noise rejection. The measurement averaging over logging interval further enhances accuracy and the plug-in modular connector is for easy interfacing with the Hobo stations. It has a screw terminal for connecting the sensors. Compatible with the Hobo RX3000 and U30 stations, which have room for two adapters. Also usable with Hobo USB micro station and Hobo MicroRX station (requires Smart Sensor Consolidator Box (S-ADAPT-6) and an extension cable).
This sensor represents one data input channel, this sensor operates in indoor and outdoor environments.

The S-CIA-CM14 sensor supports the following measurement: 4-20mA.

Technical specifications

Measurement range: 4-20 mA (measures down to 0 mA to detect error condition)

Operating temperature range: -40° to 75°C

Accuracy: ±40 µA ±0.3% of reading (over operating temperature range)

Input impedance: 124 ohms (differential input)

Sensor trigger source: Voltage: 2.5 V ±2.4%: maximum current: 1 mA

Cable length: 14 centimeters

Compatible with USB data loggers (requires external sensor(s): H21-USB - USB Micro Station Data,

H22-00-1 - H22 Energy Data Logger, U30-NRC - U30 USB Weather Station Data Logger

Compatible with web-based monitoring systems (via remote communication): RX3000 - Remote Monitoring Station Data Logger, RX2100 - MicroRX Station, RX2100-WL - MicroRX Water Level Station

Compatible with USB Data Loggers - w/external sensor(s): U30-NRC-SYS-CU30 - USB Weather Station Starter Kit

CheckOptional with calibration

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