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Hobo RG3-M – Onset

Rain gauge data logger, offload data via the BASE-U-1 or BASE-U-4 optic USB base stations or the U-DTW-1 waterproof shuttle

Record up to 400 centimeters of rainfall at rates up to 12,7 centimeters per hour. The data logging rain gauge system is battery powered and includes a Hobo Pendant Event data logger with a tipping-bucket rain gauge. Easily collect rainfall, time, and duration data, as well as temperature when used with an optional solar radiation shield (RS1 Solar Radiation Shield, or M-RSA). Base station or shuttle is required.

High quality tipping-bucket rain gauge includes a Hobo pendant event data logger, a base station or shuttle is required. Time and date stamp is stored for each tip – provides detail needed to determine rainfall rates and duration. This is a reliable, field-proven rain gauge which is also compatible with HOBOware and HOBOware Pro software for logger setup, graphing and analysis. It records temperature when used with an optional solar radiation shield.

Technical specifications

Maximum rainfall rate: 12,7 centimeters per hour

Calibration: requires annual calibration, can be field calibrated or returned to the factory for re-calibration

Operating temperature range: 0°C to 50°C

Storage temperature range: -20° to +70°C

Environmental rating: weatherproof

CheckOptional with calibration

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