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Hobo PILOT-RODx – Onset

Pilot rod for deploying wireless multi-depth soil moisture sensor(s) (RXW-GPx-xxx) and compatible with the slide hammer (SLIDE-HAMMER)

The pilot rod is used with a slide hammer (SLIDE-HAMMER) for quick and easy deployment of HOBOnet multi-depth soil moisture sensors (RXW-GPx-xxx). By creating a hole with the same profile and size of the soil moisture sensor being deployed, this tool eliminates the need to excavate and backfill holes. The pilot rod threads onto the slide hammer, which drives the rod into the soil, creating the required profile. After removing the rod, the soil moisture sensor can be pushed into the soil easily. Once the sensor is deployed, the soil will relax around it, filling in any gaps and establishing the contact needed for accurate soil moisture measurements.

Onset offers two pilot rod options: the PILOT-ROD4 (with a length of 71,1 centimeters) for use with three- and four-segment HOBOnet multi-depth soil moisture sensors (RXW-GP3 and RXW-GP4) and the PILOT-ROD6 (with a length of 101,6 centimeters) for use with six-segment HOBOnet multi-depth soil moisture sensors (RXW-GP6).

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