Hobo M-TPB – Onset

Tripod tower with mast (2 meters), compatible with all U30-, H21- and RX- base/weather stations


This 2-meter tripod with mast can be used for mounting data loggers and other sensors for a weather station application. This tripod is not adjustable for sloping surfaces. In combination with the cross arms (for mounting wind speed and wind direction sensors), the data logger (U30, H21 or RX- station), the additional sensors and a radiation shield, you can build a fully equipped weather station for your application in the field or for example in your geenhouse. This tripod is built weather proof and makes sure a firm mounting of your data logger out in the open.

Recommended for this article for installation: the grounding kit (M-GKA), guy wire kit (M-GWA), 1,27 centimeters stake kit (M-SKA) for the guy wires, 0,6 centimeters stake kit (M-SKB) for tripod and the mast level (M-MLA) or the fully equipped kit via M-TPB-KIT.

Technical specifications

Cross arm height range: 1,72 to 2,13 meters

Leg height (to top of legs): 0,81 meters

Mast diameter: 4,1 centimeters

Tripod footprint: 51 centimeters

Weight: 5,8 kilograms

Maxium slope: not adjustable for sloping surfaces

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