Hobo M-LBB – Onset

Light sensor bracket, compatible with PAR (s-LIA-M003 or RXW-LIA-xxx) and solar radiation sensors (S-LIB-M003 or RXW-LIB-xxx) it is designed for use with tripods, masts or flat surfaces

The light sensor bracket is designed for use with tripods (M-TPA or M-TPB), masts, or flat surfaces. It is used to avoid obstructions and shadows that could affect your PAR or solar radiation measurements. This bracket includes leveling screws and you can use it for both wired smart sensors (s-LIA-M003 for PAR sensor and/or S-LIB-M003 for solar radiation) or both wireless weather station sensors (RXW-LIA-xxx for PAR and/or RXW-LIB-xxx for solar radiation).

Technical specifications

Bracket: reach is 40,64 centimeters, height is 27,94 centimeters and wide is 2,54 centimeters

Mounting plate: height 7,62 centimeters X wide 7,62 centimeters

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