Hobo BOOT-MX2201-2202 – Onset

Mounting boot for MX2201 and MX2202 data loggers (pack of five boots)


These optional flexible boots provide a reliable way to mount the Hobo MX2201 and MX2202 data loggers to non-flat surfaces such as rebar or posts. It is required for mounting these data loggers on non-flat surfaces and when you would use these mounting boots on flat surfaces, the loggers could be easily removed for servicing. That is why Pedak strongly recommends this set for the indicated data loggers, so that they are not damaged during installation in the field (something that we regularly see). This mounting kit includes 5 mounting boots and 10 zip ties.

Technical specifications

Weight: 4,4 grams each

Dimensions: 6,15 cm diameter X 1,0 cm wide

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