FTR970B – Nokeval

Recording receiver in a field enclosure for radio to use with the Nokeval MTR and FTR series radio transmitters

The FTR970B is radio data receiver with used with Nokeval MTR and FTR series radio transmitters. The device can receive, unpack and buffer data packets into its memory from transmitters. It identifies automatically type of a transmitter, so it can be used simultaneously with different transmitters and with different transmit periods.

The FTR970B uses license free frequency range of 433.92 MHz, so it can be used freely in areas where this so called ISM frequency range is allowed, covering almost whole of Europe. Receiver can be connected to computer using RS485, RS-232 or USB bus. The receiver can be used with Ovaport web service, or any software supporting Modbus RTU or Nokeval SCL. Nokeval SCL or Modbus RTU protocols are used for data transfer. When RS-485 is used there can be several FTR970B devices on the bus and they can be positioned to cover larger receive area. Receiver has four diagnostics LEDs and it needs operating voltage between 8..28 VDC.

Technical specifications

Bus protocol: Nokeval SCL

Bus interface: RS-232, RS-485 and USB

Baud rates: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 en 19200

Supply voltage: 24 VDC: 8...30 VDC

Current consumption: max 80 mA

Maximum ambient temperature: 60°C

Minimum ambient temperature: -30°C

Case material: ABS plastic, gray

Installation: wall mount

Protection class: IP65

Cable glands: 1x PG-11

CheckOptional with calibration

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