EA dip series – character and graphic displays

Safe mounting time with the DIP displays from EA. Available in many different sizes, as character display or graphic.


Smart mounting
Assembling is done within 2 steps only: place – solder – ready. There are no more cables, screws or pin header necessary. Economy is double: first in development because there‘s no need to design any mechanical fixing: later during production you‘ll safe time piece by piece for non-mounting the display: There‘s nothing to screw on anymore.

All modules from DIP series do have standard controller built in. Character displays are compatible with HD44780 in pinout and software and graphic displays do have AX6120, KS0107/0108 or T6963 compatible controller onboard. By the way modules of same series can replace each other because pinout and mechanical dimensions are compatible – adequate software supposed. Later on an upgrade from character to graphic display is possible at any time. Most of DIP module series are featured with a LED backlight in yellow/green, blue-white, amber and black&white.

Technical specifications

Data interface: I2C, RS-232, USB, SPI or 8 bit (depends on model)

Supply voltage: 5 volt

Operating temperature: -20 to +70 degrees

Viewing angle: 6:00

Size in inch: Available in 2.8’’ to 5.7 inch.

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