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Robust and water proof temperature sensor

The 700 series is equipped with a connection head turned from ”solid” material and has a screw cap with O-ring seal. This sensor is characterized by its robustness and 100% watertightness IP68, has a process connection according to customer specifications and can be equipped with a 2-wire transmitter type TRM33A. The sensor can be fitted with an NW25 and NW50 process connection, better known as ”Dairy”, ”Sanitary” or ”Tri-clamp” coupling. The 700 series is also available in a vibration-resistant version ”700-S” with Lloyds approval, especially suitable for extreme loads such as marine diesel engines or heavy industry. The 707 model is specifically intended for air temperature measurements in eg ovens or air ducts. This is characterized by a cutaway measuring point and is available with a smooth insert or with an internal / external thread connection in a robust version.
700 – with gland connection (inside thread)
701 – with nipple connection (outside thread)
702 – with smooth insert (without process connection)
707 – with cutaway end (Air sensor)

Technical specifications

Measuring element: PT100, PT200, PT500, PT1000, Ni100, Ni1000, Thermocouple J, K, S and T

Temperature range: Standard range up to max. 300 ° C

Measuring system: Single or Duplex version in 2, 3 or 4-conductor technology

Material: SS-316

Seal in screw cap: with O-ring, material Viton

Dimensions: As stated when ordering

Process connection: see type numbers for the desired version, including BSP, NPT thread also available with ''Tri-clamp'' connection in diameter 50.4, 64 or 77.4 mm

IP standard: IP-68, except model 707

CheckOptional with calibration

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