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Surface temperature sensor

The Series 500 surface sensor consists of a plastic housing with a flat metal measuring part at the bottom. The sensor can be mounted on the surface with a screw, clamp or glue connection and is standard equipped with a 2-meter PTFE connection cable. In addition to these models, we manufacture PT and Thermocouple sensors in various shapes and connection methods. For information, we mention the bolt sensors, ring sensors, pipe clamp sensors, etc.

Technical specifications

Type 501: Seal-bar sensor, brass housing (MS58) with dimensions 20x10 mm. Mounting hole 3.2 mm.

Type 502: Tank temperature sensor with PTFE housing.

Dimensions housing 89x35 mm. Measuring surface 48x28 mm.

Type 503: Bearing temperature sensor, adhesive joint mounting. Housing PTFE.

Dimensions housing 25x12x12 mm, measuring surface brass 15x8 mm.

Type 504: Tank temperature sensor for screw or glue mounting, PVC housing.

Dimensions housing 75x35 mm, measuring surface 45x20 mm.

Type 505: Tank temperature sensor for screw or glue mounting, PTFE housing.

Dimensions housing 35x12 x 12 mm, measuring surface 15x8 mm.

Measuring element: PT100, PT500, PT1000, Thermocouple J and K

Measuring system: Single version in 2 or 3-leader technique

Material: PTFE or PVC housing, Brass measuring surface

Connection cable: Standard 2 meter PTFE cable, other lengths and types on request

IP standard: IP-65

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