What is a process data logger?

A process data logger is designed to monitor readings taken during a process. It can measure temperature, humidity, pressure and vacuum.

Among its other applications, this type of logger can be used as part of the process monitoring system in food production. Let’s take baking biscuits as an example. The temperature at which the biscuit is baked is important but the right humidity in the oven can also determine whether or not it comes out crunchy. We can place a sensor in the oven with the biscuits to measure and record the temperature and humidity. Should the biscuits fail to meet the set standards, you can consult the readings, identify abnormalities and take any necessary action.


Process data logger applications

This type of data logger has a range of applications in the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries, including:

  • Monitoring sterilisation and pasteurisation processes
  • Process monitoring
  • Pasteurisation control
  • Temperature control
  • Pressure measurement during sterilisation
  • Pressure, temperature measurement and autoclave validation


Process data logger properties

This type of data logger is specially made of food-safe steel and is waterproof for hygienic use. It is a robust logger that is easy to read, highly accurate and simple to use. As an option, it can be supplied with validated software that analyses the measured data and creates reports.


Advantages of using a data logger

There are several benefits to using a data logger during your manufacturing or other processes:

  • Process monitoring
  • Routine checks and validation
  • Beneficial to the quality of the product
  • More efficient production
  • Safe production


Which process data logger do I need?

Pedak’s process data loggers are highly suited to the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries. We can give you the best advice on the right data logger to suit your application. Whether you need to record pressure, temperature or air humidity, we have a wide range of loggers available.


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