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OLED displays

Contrast 1/2000: The new OLED technology provides because of its real black background and its…
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What is an OLED display?

OLED stands for ‘organic light-emitting diode’ or Organic LED.

An LED display is made up of thousands of pixels, each of which can produce different colours. Backlighting is needed to display these pixels. If the display is meant to be black, the pixel is dimmed, so the image you see is black. However, because the backlight still needs to be on to illuminate the other pixels, each pixel still lets some light through. Consequently, the black pixels are not 100% black.

In an OLED display, each pixel has a light-emitting layer made of a special type of polymer sandwiched between electrodes. This sandwiched layer emits light when electricity is passed through it. The LEDs are therefore not dependent on backlighting. So when part of an image is meant to be black, it really is black.


Benefits of an OLED display

The pixels of an OLED can be switched off entirely, so the black parts of the image are completely black. This also allows much greater contrast in your picture. The deep black background and active technology in the latest OLED screens produce a contrast ratio of at least 2,000:1. This makes OLED displays highly suitable for outdoor use, which results in easier readability, even in bright sunlight. Once unreadable parking meters can therefore simply be relegated to the past.

The fact that no constant backlighting is needed means this type of display requires very little power.

They can be used in temperatures as wide-ranging as -40°C to +80°C. Just imagine the possibilities! An OLED display can be fitted anywhere, from the freezer to the oven.


Characteristics of OLED displays

  • Full contrast, even at temperatures as low as -40°C
  • SPI and IC2 interface
  • Super fast response time for even smoother motion reproduction
  • Very wide viewing angle of more than 170º
  • Suitable for industrial applications
  • 14,000 hours of service life, even at operating temperatures of up to +80°C.
  • At room temperature, the estimated service life can even exceed 100,000 hours
  • Easy installation thanks to the manufacturer’s software


Variety of OLED panel options

OLED panels come as character displays or as graphic displays. Simple mounting using connector pins. Simple programming and optional touch panel.

OLED character display

The display can handle English, Japanese, European or Cyrillic characters. Suitable for basic display or controlling equipment. Straightforward programming using the manufacturer’s software.

OLED graphic display

Graphic panels have a wide choice of display options for showing numbers, letters, icons and images or photos. They are suitable for dynamic video playback and offer more complex equipment control capability.

OLED graphic display with flex cable

We have displays in a variety of shapes and sizes including round ones, square ones or extremely small ones. They are easy to connect using flex cable and are perfect for handheld applications. They are compact, energy-efficient and can operate at temperatures ranging from -40º to + 80 °C.


Simple programming

The manufacturer’s software means programming an OLED display yourself is child’s play. However, if you prefer to leave the programming to someone else, we’d be pleased to help you! Please get in touch with our display specialist.


Which OLED display do I need?

We can advise you on which display to purchase, whatever you need to use it for. Whether you need it for use in a handheld device or an oven, we have the expertise and skills in-house.

For more information on the differences between our displays and their various applications, please contact us!

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