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Measuring technology for museums and archives

Delicate works of art, historical documents and other fragile objects are the very essence of museums, archive institutions and restoration studios. Although moisture is the greatest enemy to these valuable artefacts, temperature and light exposure can also damage them. Fortunately, Pedak’s sensors remain vigilant and ever alert.


Effective and user-friendly

User-friendliness is a key feature of Pedak’s measuring equipment because the measured values are easily accessible and alerts can be automated. Once installed, the sensors and wireless data loggers do their job while almost completely out of sight. When installing the equipment, our people make sure it has optimal reach while remaining highly inconspicuous. Sensors and data loggers can work on batteries or mains power according to requirements. In addition to monitoring collections, Pedak provides solutions for measuring wood rot and concrete shrinkage. These provide valuable insights, especially in listed buildings that house many museums and archives.

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