5 tips for optimal use of your water data logger!

Pedak has a lot of in-house knowledge that we are only too happy to share. After all, if you use your measuring equipment properly, you will have the best insight into your data and can reap the benefits accordingly! In this blog, we share five tips on how to get the best out of your water data logger.

  1. Position the data logger in such a way that water flows past it continuously. If it is to be placed in fast-flowing water, protect it with a PVC pipe drilled with holes.
  2. Fasten the water data logger in such a way that air bubbles can escape. Air bubbles can affect the measurement results.
  3. Keep a minimum distance of 2.5 centimetres from metal surfaces. The lower the conductivity, the more important the distance.
  4. Purchase a field calibration meter to take on-site calibration readings.
  5. Secure the water data logger in such a way that you can easily clean the sensor.


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