Waterproof UV Sensor for outdoor use

The sensor UV-Cosine is an outdoor cosine corrected waterproof sensor (IP68 at window side,
IP65 at plug side, or, on request IP68 for submerge applications). The PTFE housing is stain repellent. Available calibrated (NIST or PTB traceable) on request.
The probe is amplified and shielded against electromagnetic interference. The visible blind sensors are based on a Silicon Carbide (SiC) UV photodiode, which guarantees highest radiation hardness, long term stability and >1010 visible blindness (ratio of UV to VIS-IR sensitivity). Blue and GaP type sensors are based on a Galliumphosphide (GaP) UV photodiode.

Technical specifications

Absolute Sensitivity: 1nW/cm2 … 10W/cm2

Spectral Sensitivity:} UV-Broadband, UVA, UVB, UVC, UV-Index

Signal Output:} 0…5V, 4…20mA, USB, impulse count

Connections: 2m cable or 2m cable with 5 pin male

connector type Lumberg PRSFM5

CheckOptional with calibration

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